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It's not often that I do these type of posts that are sort of like blogger tags, but admittedly, this is one of the few that catch my attention to share.
In no particular order, top of the list is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - this brush is perfect for liquid base products, especially foundation. It's dense, soft and virtually doesn't shed any taklon bristles during use or whilst washing. I apply it as you would with a normal foundation brush - applying in small strokes whilst blending as I go along, creating a quick and easy flawless finish. | Buy here for £8.99

Next up are the Essence "Nude Glam" line of Nail Polishes, which I adore for whatever the occasion or season. I've always been on the lookout for a good nude polish which works with my skin tone well and I happened to come across these a while ago through a beauty swap with a friend.
One coat of polish with the nicely shaped brush is enough for a quick, opaque layer, but if you're one for two coats, the colour definitely is enhanced. In my opinion I'd say that the formula and application of most Essence polishes are comparable to the likes of Essie, thus making it pretty good for the low price.
Unfortunately couldn't find a direct link on where you could purchase this particular line of polishes but I have a link for their regular "Colour and Go" polishes. | Buy here for approximately £1.22

Natural Collection is a brand that I've always seemingly overlooked on my trips to Boots, even when it's for a general afternoon browse. However, I somehow came across a Blushed Cheeks in "Peach Melba" in my collection a while ago and I completely fell in love with it.
If you manage to overlook the gimmicky packaging, you would realise that the quality and pigmentation of this line of blushes are rather nice for the inexpensive price. I would definitely recommend Peach Melba to those with fair-medium skin tones as I find that it's most flattering and natural appearing as it mimics the appearance of slightly flushed cheeks. | Buy here for £1.99

I'm not normally a lip gloss fan but for some odd reason when the MUA's line of Intense Kisses lip glosses were first released in Superdrug stores I decided to pick up one out of the blue. I must say that it was probably one of my best impulse beauty purchases as these lip glosses are non-sticky, provide good pigmentation and last for up to 2 hours on me. As always, MUA's line of products are really good for the price, coming at usually £1 per product which is nice for the small Friday afternoon treat. | Buy here for £2.00

Because Avon tends to be a catalogue line of products, I rarely ever purchase from them - so when a while ago they had the Super Shock Gel Eyeliner that came with an issue of Marie Claire I instantly picked it up, to finally give Avon a try.
Alongside the MUA impulse buy above, I believe this is also a good gamble that I don't usually make as I actually don't purchase magazines often, regardless whether there's a super good value freebie included or not. So in a nutshell, this formulation of a gel liner in pencil form lives up to its claim being smudge-proof and long lasting, because even on my oily eyelids it manages to stay put for over 8 hours of wear. I used to use use Urban Decay 24/7 Zero eyeliner, but ever since I gave this ago I haven't converted back since as admittedly it does a better job! | Buy here for £1.75

When I'm not using the gel eyeliner from Avon, I would often switch back to a trusty liquid liner - L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim. Coming with a precise 0.4mm fine felt tip, I can effortlessly mark a stroke of eyeliner on each of my eyes even when in a hurry as I find the felt tip creates the nicest looking winged eyeliner even if you accidentally press it right against your eyelid. It's very slim, making it ideal for even the tiniest makeup bags, as well as lasting for months on end past it's expiry date without drying out. | Buy here for £6.99
Now, I assure you that this post isn't sponsored by MUA despite there being 4 out of 10 products from them, but I just simply adore their products so much I have to share with you in case you haven't come across them yet. I find from owning several lipsticks across most common UK drugstore brands - out of all of them, MUA's line of lipsticks seem to provide the best quality and pigmentation for the price. I've also recently written a post on how much I adore Shade 1, which reminds me that sadly they haven't created names for the earlier lipsticks - in the photo I have Shade 1, a deep berry red and Shade 14 Bare, a very pale nude with a hint of pink. You really won't get better lipsticks for £1. | Buy here

Another MUA product I have recently found and fell in love with is the newly repackaged line of Nail Polishes, which at first glance appear to look rather similar to Essie's statement bottles. If you're a regular reader of my blog you might be aware that I normally opt for sheer, natural nails so braving to purchase this striking mint shade in "Pistachio Ice Cream" was very surprising of me, but I ended up loving it so much I blogged about the polish on its own. One coat of this is definitely not enough to achieve a beautiful opaque colour, so I'd recommend using two, alongside a shiny top coat to make it pop. | Buy here for £1.

I can be quite a lip junkie at times, so lip balms do tend to dominate my lip category of my makeup collection at any given moment. One particular line of lip balms I love and stock up every time I visit the States are definitely EOS Smooth Sphere lip balms, which are 100% natural and 95% organic, as well as smelling lovely according to the scent/flavour purchased - the one I have pictured is "Honeysuckle Honeydew".
I find that if I apply it right before I go to bed, the lip balm really helps prevent dry, chapped lips in the morning - which is what you don't want! Despite the strange spherical shape of the balm, there is 7g of product in, which lasts me around 6 months of daily use. I can't rave about this enough and every one I've recommended it to has come back to me saying how much they love them! Buy here for £5.95

Last but not least are the NYX Single Eyeshadows, which, although seem to be only available in the States, they have been slowly creeping into stores in the UK. All of the single eyeshadows I've tried from NYX are highly pigmented and last long without creasing on the lids throughout the day. They are really worth the price and comes in a big range of shades - including the darkest black I've ever come across to a beautiful champagne shade in "Aloha" [pictured] which I use for highlight on special occasions. | Buy here for £3.75
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