Born Kawaii Box Review + Unboxing Video

Believe it or not, this is the second subscription box I've ever taken out, I'd presume because I'm not one for surprises and would like to know exactly what I'll be getting.. otherwise it may be a case of the white dress gone wrong incident that had been circulating around the Internet a while ago!

Anyhow, I came across Born Kawaii late April/early May on Facebook advertising that they've set up a new monthly box subscription service offering a selection of 6-12 super cute products. I'm not normally into the cute kitschy type japanese toys and snacks etc. and although I am in awe of some of the creations by RRCherryPie, I don't think I'd actually and go out to buy some.. nevertheless, off I went to place an order on the first Born Kawaii box. I guess at the time I was thinking that it would be a special treat when it comes as it'll be right in the middle of exam season.

So what did I get in the first/launch box of Born Kawaii? Try and take a guess at the price I paid/they're charging per month [plus p+p], too.

Saving you guys the hassle, I've added up the total cost of the products I've found, and it comes to £10.49. You wouldn't think so seeing as the items certainly don't look that they're worth that much, although they would be lower if you were to purchase them in-store rather than on the internet.. I know this because I used to have the Pocky and Hello Panda biscuits nearly every week when I was a kid.

In answer to the question at the end of my video.. how much do you think I'd ended up paying for this subscription box? Even with their "20% bloggers discount" my payment came to £16.39.. and to save the maths, they are asking £16.99 a month, plus postage for this box of disappointment. 

[Do skip this part now as I'll probably start a rant pointing out all the flaws and how rubbish they are..]
In their Facebook page description they've stated a couple of facts about the subscription box.. but clearly the line I've highlighted in the screenshot below is definitely not the case - In no way does the random, unbranded and scratched mini pin badge I'd received is worth more than £5.90.. if they're saying that the contents of the box exceeds the actual cost of the box we had paid. 
Also, they have been broadcasting left, right and centre that boxes will be, and had been shipped out on the last day of the month, which was Saturday 31st May - but once again, this does not seem to be the case judging by the gold Royal Mail sticker that was printed yesterday, 3rd June.. or maybe there are now more days in May but they've decided to keep calling it June?

Taking a look at the website.. it's appealing, but the image in the middle of an example box is seriously misleading, in my opinion anyway.. yes not every box is guaranteed a T-shirt, but seeing as this is the FIRST/launch box - surely it should be a very good one to attract people into continuing the subscription?
The Born Kawaii Partners aspect is also something I'd like to point out. Sadly after receiving the box I dug deeper to research them properly.. and surprise surprise, it appears that at least two of their "partners" have absolutely no affiliation with Born Kawaii. I have personally emailed Candy Hero and Blippo, they have both gotten back to me confirming that they've never heard of Born Kawaii before, and are certainly not a partner of theirs. As for the other two, Sanrio is a very, very famous company, I highly doubt that they would partner up with this new amateur company.. although, you never know, *maybe* they are business partners - going hand in hand in secrecy.

There are a lot of other evidence floating on the internet available for any one to look up on Born Kawaii - I do know more, with supporting evidence as well.. but I won't go further into this here on my blog, as negativity isn't something I'd like to publish often. I'll conclude that if the contents of Born Kawaii and the pricing seems to float your boat.. go for it, it's your money after all :)

4/6/14 EDIT: I have checked my bank statement shortly after this post was published and I have discovered that a second payment to Born Kawaii had been processed from my account on 1/6/14.. BEFORE the box had been shipped and delivered to me! I have since requested a refund, they've gotten back to me with a screenshot that looks like a refund transaction - whether it is legitimate or not, I'll have to wait a couple of days and see!

5/6/14 EDIT: I'll admit that I have been reaching out to who I consider nearest and dearest on a couple of social networks but it's only because I'd hate to see them go through what a lot of others, myself included have been feeling over the past 2 days. Born Kawaii may take this as an opportunity to seriously rethink and improve their service, quality and professionalism. Until then, only time will tell.

5/6/14 Midnight EDIT: I've heard that the partners section of their website has been taken off now, as well as the lowering of box prices etc. This will probably be my last edit of the post too as I no longer want any affiliation with Born Kawaii unless there is a problem with the refund aforementioned.

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  1. Oh, you worked your prices out at a higher price than mine, even though we got the same. I got most of my prices from Tofu Cute, who I REALLY recommend by the way!

  2. I'd just found prices based off a quick Google search really, but with extra care the total cost would've been a bit lower. Thank you for the recommendation of Tofu Cute - I'll look into them :)


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