A Kooma Phone Call|My First Psychic Reading*

My First Psychic Reading With Kooma
Currently sat in the middle of a near-empty car park, I've just found myself finishing up a 20 minute phone call with psychic reader Sara over at Kooma*. I'm one to take these practices with a pinch of salt, so I really didn't know what to expect, even after hearing Catherine's first experience [hopefully she'll blog about it soon!] in addition to Charlotte's ghost tour visit to Wythenshawe Hall [it's different but she got me very intrigued with the whole "dark arts" shazam] I had started to look for readers local to me just for entertainment and to satisfy my curiosity. So when Kooma approached me to try out their service.. perfect!

The process to become connected to a reader was a breeze, you simply had to listen to the long winded automated voice menus and select the relevant options using the keypad on your phone. After payment by credit/debit card [I had a prepaid account, but it's a very similar process I believe] I was asked to input my favourite reader's pin code, listen to voice messages of all available readers at that time or to be connected to the next available reader. I decided on the latter of the three because I couldn't decide on the Kooma website who to speak to, it was just easier to let fate decide too. 

Before the call, I knew I had wanted someone to talk to about my recent, growing concerns and uncertainties regarding my life right now and specifically my career in the immediate future. At the moment I am very torn as to whether I should stick with Architecture as a degree for September 2014 entry, or to take a gap year to work, travel and really focus on blogging because I really don't know anymore whether or not Architecture is for me. 

Once I was connected to Sara, I remembered during my quick research into psychic readings that it's best to let the reader "see" [I'm not sure how Sara did it, but looking at her page I now presume through Tarot] and to not feed her with information, because I guess that defeats the point slightly and you can tell for sure whether they're for real or not.. 
Sara has a very calm and soothing voice, which had put me at ease instantly because I had chosen to be matched blindly and again, I didn't have a clue at all how the call will turn out. Sara then asked for my name and wondered whether I wanted a quick run through of how she works, what I'd like to get out of it etc. At this point I had basically turned her down politely and put across that I wanted her to let me know what she saw/felt concerning my career and future. 

Sara started off by saying that overall I currently look very uncertain, with a lack of direction, confidence and full of doubt in myself. This is very true, in fact, 95% of everything she had spoken to me was spot on. She highlighted that I like to analyse things a lot, that I am a deep-thinker, which often leads to my logics being overclouded and plentiful ideas not grounded [I have been toying with the idea of Architecture/gap year/straight into employment a LOT recently]. 

Sara went onto say that I am naturally very articulate, but doubt and weak self-belief causes me to seemingly go around in circles constantly, that I need to take a step out of things for clarity and to stop going to and fro for a concrete and stable way to move on. At this point Sara had also mentioned that self employment was a very powerful aspect she saw in me, that I must stay strong, to not be afraid of the outcome and stick with the instincts. I was unsure of why she mentioned self employment so I'd asked her to elaborate, Sara explained that I must currently feel at the bottom of the hierarchy because of surrounding people physically and mentally pulling me back, putting me down and simply causing unnecessary stress upon myself.  

At this point I became quite upset, not because of Sara seemingly putting me down further, but because everything she has said so far has gotten me so overwhelmed - a bit like when you're unhappy about things but you can't pinpoint exactly what's causing you to feel so low? [It might be depression, but I'm not sure because I've had this phase before a couple of years back but I've never been diagnosed or seen to..]. 

Perhaps to cheer me up [only time will tell regarding this], Sara then told me that whatever this strong idea [the only thing I have told her so far is my name] I have is, which is one of the more concentrated ideas, the prospects are looking very positive for me. Sara exclaimed that no matter what I put in, I will get back threefold [!! this part definitely seems too good to be true, but we'll see]. After she said this, Sara asked whether I have another career path [blogging] that I have been looking into because she had felt an elevated presence towards this, at this point I told her a little about Architecture in September. 

Sara had finalised what she saw regarding my career and the immediate future by saying that the two ideas [she doesn't know about blogging, or possible employment] compliment another nicely, yet they are very different in nature and that either side I end up choosing would be very good and successful for me. Sara concluded that although I must feel that I am falling in a bottomless pit and wondering when more rubbish would be thrown at me, my ranks will rise exponentially within the next three months and overall it is down to self belief [I'll be taking the time scale with a pinch of salt too]. 

At some parts of the call Sara crossed over to other aspects of my life I have also been experiencing mild difficulty with, one of which concerning relationships. I thought I'd also add in that at the very start of the call before I had told her my name, Sara had semi-automatically assumed that I had called up to ask about love, she seemed a little eager to talk about what she saw during the call too. 

Sara then proceeded to tell me that I should start to put myself first from now on, to care more about my own, personal feelings rather than others because she had felt that something I am being involved with is making me unhappy. Sara told me to stand my ground and let go of whatever has been bothering me, that people come and go, only those who are true to me will stay. I absolutely hate losing people but Sara reassured me that everything I am going through now is simply putting myself in the right path, she knew that I am feeling frustrated, but some people are destined to leave my life for the better, and to help my self belief grow. 

Other topics Sara talked about briefly included my finances [I won't share this here] and an apparent significant male presence who has entered my life recently. I was so concentrated on asking about my career that my vague notes on this aspect has only triggered me to sum up that Sara saw that this guy to be outgoing yet shy at times, she'd felt that this person seemed to make me relaxed and find my care-free self again. I think I do have an idea who this particular male is, but Sara made an educated guess that he's around the age of 25.. [I think this is the only thing that didn't agree with throughout the entire phone call]. 

Towards the end of the conversation, we were cut off for a minute or so to be reminded that the 20 minute call time was nearly up, I was given the opportunity to top up for a further 20 minutes with Sara, but I decided that everything she had said so far was a lot to take in already. I was extremely grateful that I was able to thank Sara for everything she has told me, it was a surreal experience I will never forget, not to mention the clarity she has revealed to me - something that I couldn't, and would probably take forever to decipher myself. 

Would you consider obtaining a psychic reading? Or if you have.. how did you find it?


  1. I've never had a phychic reading over the phone but I'd be intrigued, its one of them, i think every psychic different, I've spoke to 4 different ones and they have all been different.
    Thanks for the mention about wythenshawe hall too, a few people came to read that post.
    I'm hoping to go again for Halloween.

    What an interesting post and a breath of fresh air.

    x x x x

  2. Yeah definitely - I couldn't have asked for a better reader myself, so I'm glad that I was blindly matched to Sara.

    Aw you're welcome Charlotte! xx

  3. I think you had a pretty good first reading! though having a face to face reading is very different! thankyou for linking me :)
    Catherine x

  4. I've never had a psychic reading. I had a palm reading by an old Vietnamese lady while I was travelling, and that was pretty accurate (time will tell for the rest) so I would be pretty interested in doing one some time :)
    Also, I understand the turmoil of what you're going through sort of- I worked in a lab for year, realised it wasn't for me, disliked my science degree after that and didn't know what to do with my life the last year (still not sure really), but it'll get better soon! Do what makes you happy :)
    Tara xox

  5. This is so cool! psychic readings, star signs etc really interest me and I really want to get mine done! I think I might give this service a go. I just find psychic readings so exciting, especially finding out about our future and where we could be in 5 years time!

    Yazmin xx

  6. I am pretty much a sceptic when it comes to anything supernatural. I strongly believe in science, so most of this is not my cup of tea. I hear so many people having so great experiences with readings and that those are like a new start for them. I am so happy for all of them and for you here as you got some clarity. I just don´t really believe in it.
    I still liked reading about your experience as it gives me an idea how others feel during their reading and why they feel so weird/special after it.
    xx Lisa


  7. I feel the same way too and can definitely relate.. in fact, your comment has pretty much summarised how I felt before having the reading! x

  8. I'm the same too - I do take the time frame and whole "predicting the future" with a pinch of salt though, but it'll always remain in the back of my mind I think! :) x

  9. Palm reading intrigues me too - I'd love to have a little nose into the works.

    I'm glad everything is working out for you now, Tara - I too am starting to be in less of a rut! xx

  10. You're very welcome Catherine, thank you so much for sharing with me your experiences :) xx


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